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Library Computer

There are 12 computers in the library for Internet research, email and OPAC searches. Email is limited to 20 minutes only.

To allow a fair share of the computers among the students, the library has introduced a booking system for using it. A student must come to the circulation counter to write his name for using any of the computers for an hour. Students who could not get hold of a computer in the library should go to the computer lab.


The following rules govern the use of the computers installed in the library. USERS ARE NOT AT ALL ALLOWED:

- To alter the configuration of the workstations for any purpose.

- To participate in "chat" groups using the library computers.

- To use the workstations for recreational purposes, including games.

- To access, view, display or download materials that can be construed as pornographic, discriminatory or culturally insensitive.

- To install any software onto the library computers without the knowledge of the Head Librarian.

Any other usage that is interpreted by library staff as not being in the spirit of acceptable use as listed above is NOT allowed. Any users who refuse to comply with the mentioned rules will be asked to produce their ID card and be subject to further disciplinary action. Library privileges will be taken away.