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Student Council

The Student Council is elected in a democratic way by all students. The council is an important voice of the student body. The Student Administration works hand in hand with the Student Council. The following students are presently serving in the council:

President: Lameck Chimoga
Vice President: Sirinda Leelawanich
Secretary: Cassandra Andrews
Treasurer: Frank Nyambweke
Public Relations: Jun Galgao
Social Officer: Jonan Nangoy
Social Officer Assistant: Lalita Yeunyongkeereemard, Leung Yan Ning
Academic Officers: Sindiso Mathema
Welfare Officer: Mung Shaung Aung
Sports Officer: Derald Juliant
Asst. Spors Officer: Mowae Apisuttipanya
Arts and Culture Officer: Napatsanan Khiaokhachiphana
Host: Duong Minh Thi, Sataporn Wangthitiku
Health & Wellness Officer: Maneerat Chuensukcharoienkun , Sureerat Layngoen
Religious Officers: Yoko Uchima
Yearbook: Haydn Golden