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Student Activity Services

The Student Activity Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center building. This office takes care of all sports activities that takes place on and off campus. An International-standard football field, tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball courts including floodlights are available on campus. A fitness gym is also available.

Specific sports events on campus such as Sportsí Day and other off campus events involving other universities are organized. Together with the Student Counci (a democratically elected individuals from the student body), the SA plan social activity programs such as concerts, talent shows or Valentineís Day, as well as cultural preserving programs like cultural nights. There are also community service programs on Sabbath afternoon like visiting sick people, the orphanage or going on field trips. The Student Clubs on campus such as Cycling club, Friendship club and Diving clubare part of student activities. This office also takes care of the campus security.

An international-standard sports field and courts are available for a full range of sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, soccer, and athletics. Floodlighting is available for night games. The Student Council and other ad hoc groups organize sports events in addition to the University’s formal events.

The spacious Student Center adjoins the sports complex making an ideal situation for both recreation and relaxation. A modern fitness gym equipped with weight-training devices and exercise machines are also available. The use of this facility requires a student to sign up for membership and pay for a card at the Coordinator of Student Activities office.