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Health and Wellness Services

At the Student Center building, the Health and Wellness Center provides experienced health care staff to assist in first aid care services for students and provide a 24-hour emergency transport to hospitals. Furthermore, this department also organizes programs for health preservation, illness prevention and health enrichment programs on and off campus.

The University operates a small health clinic in the Thomas Massengill Student Center. This is the first place for students to seek assistance when they are ill. A nurse will then refer the patient to doctors or hospitals as needed. Asia-Pacific International University collects a medical fee each semester and provides a limited medical insurance policy to help cover student medical expenses on the following basis:

  1. The expenses are necessary and are usual, customary and reasonable; are prescribed by a doctor; and purchased from a hospital, clinic or pharmacy.
  2. The expenses are incurred during the semester.
  3. Optical and dental expenses are excluded.
  4. When a student requires hospitalization, the University will inform the parents to ask them to accept responsibility for the student until he/she is able to study again.
  5. The University provides medical transportation only within the Muak Lek district. Transportation beyond that is the responsibility of the student.
  6. Expenses of less than 1,000 Baht may be approved by either the Vice President for Student Administration or Finance. Expenses in excess of that figure are subject to the consideration of the Administrative Committee.

A more substantial accident and emergency medical insurance policy is purchased on behalf of students. Policy restrictions apply and each student is provided a copy of these through a commercial insurance company.

There is also a small hospital in Muak Lek and several hospitals in Saraburi (a 30 minute drive from campus). The Bangkok Adventist Hospital (a drive of about one hour and 40 minutes) offers excellent services including a very good dental clinic. There are numerous other quality hospitals in Bangkok.

Medications are available locally. An English speaking pharmacist is located in Muak Lek across the major vegetable and fruit market.