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Residence Rooms

Because of the commitment to providing a setting and opportunities for the development and transfer of values and beliefs, Asia-Pacific International University operates as a residential university. Thus APIU students are required to live in the residences provided. Exceptions are made for those who are able to stay on campus or in the community with close relatives. (Close relatives means: parents; guardians legally responsible for the student; uncles and aunts ie brothers or sisters of parents, who must be married and considered mature.) For any other exception, the student must make prior written application to the Student Life Committee.

A student planning to move out of the residence is required to give the Dean at least one monthís notice in writing.

The Dean of Men and the Dean of Women and their student assistants are responsible for the student residences. They assist in every way possible to make residence life orderly and pleasing for all residents. Students with problems, questions or special requests should consult their Dean.

The Dean will assign one or two students (in Solomon Hall also 4 students) to each room. Students are not allowed to change rooms without the Deanís permission. Students are expected to provide their own towels, bedding, pillows, toiletries and personal effects. They are responsible for the orderliness of their belongings and the cleanliness of their rooms. Students are also held responsible at all times for their conduct and also for the conduct of those visiting in their rooms. Students are not to enter other studentsí rooms when the roomís residents are absent.


Students who wish to have guests in their rooms overnight may do so but must first seek permission from the Residence Hall Dean. Guests are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. The cost is 200 Baht per person/per night. Community students do not qualify for this guest status and are required to leave the halls by 6.00 pm unless special arrangements have been made with the Residence Dean.

Married Students Residence

While it is recognized that married students live under different circumstances to dormitory students, the general principles enunciated in the Student Handbook apply to them whenever is appropriate.