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Orientation and Citizenship

At the commencement of each semester all new students attend an orientation program designed to acquaint them with the University and its facilities, the faculty and staff, the Universityís expectations for students, and the services available to them. If required, entrance examinations or tests are also conducted at this time to enable the University to assess studentsí aptitudes and abilities for placement purposes.

At the beginning of each academic year each student is credited with 100 citizenship points. Students are encouraged to progress through their course of study without losing any points. Points lost can be recovered through positive behaviour. Citizenship points can be lost by means of behavior considered to be below accepted standards and which reveals a lack of personal responsibility or a failure to carry through on personal commitments students have undertaken to support the rules and regulations governing University community life.

Students are expected to demonstrate justice, fairness, and equality to all. Campus community life is characterised by kindness, courtesy, and respect for others. Any action and/or behaviour that is demeaning or causes physical, emotional, or psychological injury to others is inappropriate.