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Cars and Motorbikes

Asia-Pacific International University permits students to operate vehicles or motorcycles on campus under the following guidelines:

1. Students must register the vehicle or motorcycle with the Finance Office within 24 hours of bringing the vehicle or motorcycle on to the campus. An identity structure is provided which must be placed on the vehicle in a visible location.
2. Only one vehicle per student is permitted to be kept on campus. It must be registered and roadworthy. No unregistered vehicles are to be kept on campus.
3. Owners of vehicles must produce certificated insurance when registering the vehicle with the University.
4. Owners of vehicles must posses a current drivers license. Vehicles may not be used on campus by students without a driving license.
5. Students must use the allocated parking areas for vehicles and motorcycles.
6. Vehicles or motorcycles must be operated on campus in accordance with road signs and must not be driven or parked on University lawns.
7. The University accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to students’ vehicles or their contents while they are on campus.
8. Penalties and fines—students are advised that failure to follow the guidelines for vehicle use may result in a fine or a withdrawal of vehicle privileges.