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Drug-Free Environment

Asia-Pacific International University seeks to provide a campus environment that is conductive to the development of our full human potential. To achieve this the College believes that the campus should be free from the use of cigarettes, alchohol and non-prescription drugs. “Drug-free” means abstinence from the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, and mindaltering drugs, and from the abuse of prescription drugs. 

Students are expected therefore to abstain from using these substances while on campus. There is also an expectation on the University’s behalf that students will not use these substances while off campus. Students are asked to remember that their actions while students of APIU reflect on the reputation of the University wherever they are; therefore it does become the University’s concern if it becomes clear that students are choosing not to uphold these standards. 

Asia-Pacific International University also upholds all laws, which prohibit the possession, use, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances. The possession of paraphernalia and use of “look alike” or designer drugs is also prohibited. Violation of this drug-free policy will result in disciplinary action being taken by the University. The primary intent of discipline is rehabilitative. However, persons involved at any time in the promotion, manufacture and/or distribution of these substances will be excluded from the University. Further, violation of any laws regarding controlled substances will be reported by the University to the proper authorities.