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Personal Development and Leadership

In addition to the corporate times of worship, students are also encouraged to develop a personal faith and set of values. To encourage such growth, less formal worship services are held mornings at 7.00 am and evenings in the dormitories. Each Wednesday evening at 7.00 pm Campus family group meet. (A combined worship for both men and women is held in the Assembly Hall.) In addition, prayer bands (small groups) are sometimes arranged spontaneously by motivated students. Religious activities are occasionally organized and presented by students who are gifted in music and drama.

As part of its educational program, the University provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through active involvement in student organizations such as the Student Association, sports teams, outreach programs to the community and the student work program.

Students understand that in every organization there are rules of conduct for the well being of the whole community. For the benefit of the student body the University is responsible for maintaining a peaceful, orderly and reflective learning environment. When an individual student acts contrary to the agreed Code of Conduct the University may find it necessary to take disciplinary action through its established procedures.