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Academic participation

Asia-Pacific International University is committed to scholarship and sound learning. It follows a program of continual academic assessment designed to develop accountability in its students. Students are expected to maintain regular attendance and active participation in all academic appointments. Academic programs usually contain one course per semester or per year which specifically addresses the religious, ethical, and social justice values for which Asia-Pacific International University stands. These courses are integral to the University program and are not optional. Students are also encouraged to become involved in campus recreational and cultural activities.

Worship is integral to the University program, and a variety of worship services are available to students and staff. Students are required to attend a specified number of chapels and assemblies during the academic year. Residential students are also required to attend a number of residence hall worships. Worship services are held on Friday evening (vespers) and on Saturday mornings at 9.30 am and 11.00 am for students and the campus community. A chapel service is held at 10.00 am each Wednesday during the semester.

The seventh-day Sabbath commencing at sunset on Friday evening and concluding at sunset on Saturday is set aside for worship, prayer, praise, Bible-study, sharing, fellowship and community related activities. Attendance at Sabbath worship services is encouraged. No classes or sporting activities are held during Sabbath hours and regular services such as the library and the sports facilities are not available for use. Some students visit AIDS sufferers, others provide music for hospital patients, while others tell Bible stories to village children. With the exception of essential services, the work program ceases. Because the day is considered sacred, no regular or non-essential work is done anywhere on the campus either by outside contractors, faculty, staff or students.

University Uniform

In keeping with the traditions of Thailand for university students, a simple but stylish uniform is adopted and required of all students for everyday activity. Students new to Asia-Pacific International University will notice as they visit Bangkok and other cities that university students wear their uniforms with care and pride and as a mark of distinction.