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Personal Spiritual Development

Asia-Pacific International University is concerned about the spiritual life of the students and the community. The University Church is situated on the highest point of the campus, providing a focus for all spiritual activities, and denoting that religious worship and related activities are given a high priority by the institution. As a Christian institution the University integrates regular religious worship and religious activities into the semester program.

Worship services are held on Friday evening (vespers) and on Saturday mornings at 9.30 am and 11.00 am for students and the campus community. A chapel service is held at 10.00 am each Wednesday during the semester.

In addition to the corporate times of worship described above, Asia-Pacific International University's students are also encouraged to develop a personal religious faith. To encourage such growth, less formal worship services are held in mornings at 7.00 am and in the evenings at 7:00 pm in the dormitories or other arranged venues. Each Wednesday evening at 7.00 pm the campus family groups meet and each Thursday at 7.00 pm there is a worship program for the different ethnical groups on campus.

(Combined worship for both men and women is held in the Auditorium.)

Besides this, prayer bands (small groups) are sometimes arranged spontaneously by motivated students or faculties. Other religious activities are occasionally organized and presented by students, many of whom are gifted in music and drama.