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Orientation and Registration

New Student Orientation

All new students are expected to be present at the New Student Orientation Program, as scheduled each semester. This program is designed to introduce new students to life at Asia-Pacific International University, to provide entrance and placement tests, to introduce students to their academic advisors, to begin academic counseling, and to initiate registration.


The academic year at Asia-Pacific International University is divided into two semesters and an inter-semester session. All students are expected to register on designated dates as scheduled in the academic calendar.

Registration is the formal process of selecting, arranging, and reserving the studentís academic schedule for each semester or session in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Registrar.

An outline of the registration procedures will be available at the time of registration. Registration is official only after all procedures have been completed, all fees paid, and completed forms processed by the Registrarís Office.

Once a student has registered for a class or classes for any semester, he/she is obligated to pay the required tuition and fees for that semester and will receive a grade for each course, unless he/she formally withdraws.

The University reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student who fails to attend classes or who does not make adequate arrangements to pay his/her tuition and fees. Registration cancellation does not eliminate the studentís obligation to pay the accrued tuition and fees.

Class Registration

Students are not officially registered for a course until the registration procedure is completed and the instructor has been informed by the Registrarís Office. Students are not permitted to attend courses for which they have not registered.

Registration in the Thai Program does not automatically include the right to enroll in the International Program and vice versa. This is done through an additional registration procedure.

Concurrent Registration / Correspondence Courses

Students registered at Asia-Pacific International University who wish to enrol simultaneously or concurrently for courses in another Institution of Higher Education in Thailand or who wish to take courses by correspondence must first seek permission from the Academic Board prior to enrolment. Applications require the endorsement of the relevant faculty dean.

†In granting permission for concurrent registration the total study load projected for the student will be considered. Overloads beyond that normally approved at Asia-Pacific International University will not be permitted. Non-credit courses and audit courses are counted at half value. Credits earned through concurrent registration in another institution will not be able to be transferred unless permission has been obtained prior to the registration being undertaken at the neighbouring institution.

Audit Registration

Students may audit a course by permission of the Instructor and the Faculty Dean or Department Chair. Audit students are required to abide by the class attendance requirements. If absences exceed 20% of the time, a ĎUí grade is automatically assigned. Students who have taken a course under the audit provision are not permitted to challenge the course by examination later on. Students may change from audit to credit by the end of the first week of the semester.

Changes in Registration

Students are expected to be present for the initial instruction and orientation available in the initial class sessions each semester. Registration or the addition of selected courses to a studentís program may be done up to the ninth academic day of the semester ( the 5th class appointment) provided that the lecturers believe that such a late entry will not undermine the integrity of the class and that the Dean of Faculty considers that the course can be completed satisfactorily. A fee is charged for each program change and a Change of Program form must be completed. Forms are available from the Registrarís Office.

Students may be permitted to register later than this only under exceptional circumstances. Such students will be required to provide supporting documents (eg Hospital reports) and lodge a petition to enter classes with the Academic Appeals and Petitions Committee. If a student is allowed to register, a late registration fee will be charged and the course load will be limited.