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General Education Subjects

(40 credit points)

The General Education curriculum consists of the following:

(1) Four integrated “Quest” courses exploring the conundrum of human nature and existence which draw together themes from the different disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, religion and the natural sciences in the quest for understanding and meaning. These courses are taught by teams of instructors from every faculty of the College.
(2) Courses with language and speech skill components.
(3) A sequence of social science courses with components from psychology/ sociology, family life studies, and ethics/ religion. 
(4) A selection of humanities courses with at least one course from Thai culture/ world civilization, literature/ history/ fine arts, and Adventist philosophy of life.
(5) A component of science courses with separate requirements for science and nonscience majors. 
(6) A sequence of college orientation and learning skills modules required as part of a year-long orientation program.

Integrated Courses:
(12 credit points)

HMNT 130 The Human Quest I: The Quest for Roots (3)
HMNT 131 The Human Quest II: The Search for Self (3)
HMNT 230 The Human Quest III: The Individual and Society (3)
HMNT 231 The Human Quest IV: Questions of Human Destiny (3)

Language Study:
(8 credit points)
ENGL 114 English Structure and Syntax (3)
ENGL 115 English Composition (3)
SPCH 204 Fundamentals of Speech and Communication (2)

Social Science & Values:
(7 credit points)
PSYC 104 General Psychology (3) or
SOCI 205 The Family of Man (3)
SOCI 204 Marriage and Family (2) or
SOCI 214 Home and Life Values (2)
RELB 104 Ethical Models (2) or
RELT 210 History of Religious Traditions (2)

(7 credit points)
HMNT 210 Appreciation of the Fine Arts (2) or
HMNT 234 Literature and Civilization (2)
HIST 214 History of Civilization (3) or
HMNT 256 Thai Language and Culture (3)
RELB 120 Introduction to Sacred Literature (2) or
RELG 120 Introduction to Christian Philosophy (2)

Science & Mathematics:
(6 credit points)

Non-Science Majors:
BIOL 110 Principles of Biology (3)
MATH 110 Introduction to Statistics (3) or
MATH 120 Survey of Mathematics (3)

Science Majors:
ENVR 205 Environmental Conservation (3)
HLED 118 Life, Health & Nutrition (3)

Orientation to Higher Education:
(non- credit course)
NOND 044 Orientation to Higher Education (0)