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General Education IT & Keyboarding Competency

All new applicants for degree courses are required to demonstrate a working knowledge of practical computing. The College offers, as part of the Orientation to Higher Education Courses basic computer training to assist students in achieving this requirement.

The requirement may be met by:

1. Providing Proof of Competency—Students may provide a certificate detailing typing speed and accuracy as well as proof that the required word processing elements have been met, or

2. Passing a Challenge Test—This is to be taken during the FIRST TWO WEEKS of the semester.

The student must pass a five-minute speed test with at least 20 wpm and must demonstrate proficiency in the following:

  • Text entry and correction
  • Margins
  • Indenting
  • Spacing
  • Headers/footers
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Spell check
  • Move and/or copy text
  • Simple tables
  • Bullet Points

Should a student not succeed in the challenge test he/she is required to attend the weekly class in typing and word processing offered as part of the NOND044 sequence. There is no fee for this course the first time a student registers for it. If the course has to be repeated, a fee will apply. Students will not be permitted to register for any courses in the 3rd semester unless they have completed this requirement.