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Philosophy of General Education

The Asia-Pacific International University academic community believes that in a world of many cultures, such as the world of the twenty-first century, where knowledge is rapidly expanding, the truly educated person must be equipped to continue learning throughout life. Effective higher education must therefore provide the student with a broad encounter with perspectives and disciplines beyond the studentís chosen specialized field of study. It must also develop in the student the skills of reflective, analytical thinking. Asia-Pacific International University seeks to prepare graduates who possess ethical values, appreciate culture and the arts, have broad interests and abilities and analytical thinking skills which enable them to contribute in leadership and service in their homes and communities.

Rather than being just a sequence of specified studies, the general education curriculum is designed to transmit a distinctive common heritage and develop the student in spirit, values and social abilities.

Through the diversity of their studies in the general education curriculum students will be able to:

  • Develop an integrated understanding of the various roles of the arts and culture, religion and faith, and science and technology in the establishment and development of society.
  • Encounter a Christian world-view of knowledge that will give the opportunity to develop an understanding of God and the value of scripture as resources for giving meaning to life and personal spiritual growth and development.
  • Have a basis for understanding the complexities of human behavior and relationships
  • Gain exposure to various cultures and explore the world of artistic and literary expression.
  • Develop skills for reflection, analysis, criticism, synthesis and an openness of mind for philosophical reflection.
  • Develop problem solving skills and an appreciation for the utility of mathematics
  • Articulate an argument or point of view to communicate it effectively in writing and speaking.
  • Appreciate the value of collaborative endeavor and develop skills of team work
  • Develop attitudes of stewardship and ethical responsibility toward humanity and the environment.