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Degrees Offered

General Information

The Faculty of Science offers an international Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Bioscience. Currently there are three areas of emphasis offered in the Bioscience major: a BS in Biology, Environmental Science and Health Science.

These four-year degree programs are built on a core of Science courses which include General Biology, General Chemistry, General Physics, Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Biostatistics, Philosophy of Science, Bioethics, and Health and Fitness. Regardless of the emphasis areas that students choose to pursue, all students will have the basic Science preparation and electives which provide further specialization in the areas of their interest. There is also a required research component in all the degree programs which includes reading and evaluating scientific papers, writing a proposal, designing a research project, data collection and analysis. A distinctive feature of this program is its emphasis on values and the philosophical issues underlying the study of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Bioscience prepares students for a wide range of careers. Graduates are equipped with the skills to pursue research in biological, environmental or medical science. The degree provides a thorough preparation for students who wish to pursue further studies in biology, health, environmental medicine, dentistry or other health related graduate or professional programs leading to an MS or PhD. The programs also provide graduates with an appropriate foundation through their emphasis areas to teach Science, particularly Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Health and Environmental Science at either elementary or secondary school levels.

We have also recently introduced a two-year program in pre-engineering and pre-bioengineering in collaboration with Walla Walla University in Washington State, USA. Pre-Engineering students will study their first two years at Asia-pacific International University and transfer to Walla Walla University for their final two years.

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Lecturing Faculty

The Faculty of Sciences at Asia-Pacific International University has the following highly qualified teachers. 

Name Information


Joy Kurian, B.L.A., MA, MSW, Ph.D, DSc.

Faculty Dean, Associate Dean and Principal Lecturer 


Alwyn Abraham Chacko, MSc, MBA


Chew Sze Ted, BS, M.D.

Senior Lecturer, Program Coordinator of Health Science Emphasis



Easton Alanzo Reid, PhD



Elvin Walemba, BSc, MSc, PGCert




Kamolnan Taweeyanyonghul, BSc, MSc, Ph. D.

Senior Lecturer, Program Coordinator of Biology Emphasis



Dr. Martin Bredenkemp, BSc, BSc, MSc, DSc

Senior Lecturer


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