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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education


The disciplined study of the mind and human behavior is fundamental for an effective understanding of the function and development of the family, the school, society, and indeed, the world. The bachelors degree in Psychology and Education is designed primarily for an educational setting.

Theoretical courses provide the basic conceptual foundation for professional skill development in specific areas. The understanding of the discipline is further enhanced by observation, research, and internships that enable the student to participate as a teacher in an elementary or secondary school setting. Students from other departments could also minor in either psychology or education, thus enhancing marketability and flexibility in their career development.

The program develops skills that are helpful in other settings by giving an in-depth understanding of psychology that assists in human resource development, educational testing and measurement, pastoral care, and related fields of social service. The program also provides a sound foundation for later specialization and graduate study in either Psychology or Education.