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Bachelor of Sciences in Biology


The Faculty of Science offers an international program in science leading to a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology. The science courses can also be transferred to other degree programs such as agriculture, chemistry, geology, engineering, health, mathematics and physics.

The four-year program in biology is built on a core that includes biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The required major courses provide a broad preparation in plant, animal and microbiology, environmental biology and cell and molecular biology, while major electives provide further specialization in areas of interest. The required research component includes reading and evaluating scientific papers, writing a proposal, designing a research project and data collection and analysis. A distinctive feature of the program is its emphasis on values and the philosophical issues underlying the study of biology.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology prepares students for a wide range of careers. The courses that comprise the degree provide graduates with an appropriate foundation to teach science, particularly biology at either elementary or secondary school. Graduates are also equipped with the skills to pursue research in biological, environmental or medical science. The degree provides a thorough preparation for students who wish to proceed to further study in biology, medicine, dentistry or other health related graduate or professional programs.