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Bachelor of Arts in English Language

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers and international program in English leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English language.

Over the four-year program students will develop each of the four English language macro skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking to a high degree of proficiency. Courses such as literature studies, linguistics, research writing and English for academic and specific purposes will provide a pathway to further educational opportunities.

All students follow a core path that provides an essential foundation of English language understanding and usage and are able to pursue particular interests such as journalistic writing, English for Tourism, English for Business, or a variety of literature studies.

The highly competitive professional environment of the 21st century requires a high degree of English language skills. A job applicant without the ability to use English confidently, accurately, fluently and in a variety of contexts, is immediately disadvantaged. The Bachelor of Arts in English Language program is designated to prepare students to meet these challenges where effective interpersonal and international communication in English can make the difference between success and failure.

The Bachelor of Arts in English Language Program is designed to produce educationally well-rounded individuals, capable of taking their places in their chosen professions and in the communities in which they live. Asia-Pacific International University English graduates possess an excellent basis for post-graduated study, for a degree with a vocational orientation (e.g. business, engineering, law, medicine, etc) or for immediate employment where a high quality, creative use of English language skills is a major focus.
Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts in English Language program are highly sought after because of the breadth of the program, its emphasis on values and the thoroughness of the preparation of the student.