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Study Programs Offered

Master and Post Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Education (TESOL)
Master of Education (Teaching)

Four Year Bachelor Degree International Programs
(English Language Medium)

Bachelor of Arts in English
(English for Communication)
(English for Business and Tourism)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies
(Applied Theology)
(Religious Education)

Bachelor of Business Administration
(Management and Entrepreneurship)
(Computer Information Systems)
(Accounting and Finance)
(Management and Marketing )
(Management and Communication)
(Marketing and Communication)
(Management and Office Administration)

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Pre-Admission English Program

A specialized program in English as a Second Language is offered each semester as a pre-admission English Studies program. This program is offered in five levels and prepares students for the University English Proficiency Examination or for the equivalent International Examination for English Language Testing System (IELTS) .

Asia-Pacific International University is distinctive in providing of an “immersion environment” in English. English is the “campus language” and is used in all lectures and student-teacher interaction. This environment of English advances language learning far beyond the time spent in the classroom with internationally trained lecturers, who speak English as their native language.

Four Year Bachelor Degree
Thai Medium Programs

The University also offers the following four-year Bachelor degree programs in Thai language medium:
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
Bachelor of Nursing Science
Undergraduate Program
International Program
Thai Program
Master Program
Arts and Humanities BA in English Language
Master of Education (TESOL)
Business Administration BBA in Accounting
BBA in Computer Information Systems
BBA in Management and Entrepreneurship
Education and Psychology BA in Psychology and Education
Master of Education (Teaching)
Nursing BNS in Nursing - Thai Program
Religion Studies BA in Applied Theology
BA in Religious Education
Science BS in Biology