Our campus environment is truly international

  1. With students from over 30 different countries. English will enable you to interact and make friends with people from all over the world.

  2. With a global outlook. Enrich your life with different cultural perspectives and perfect your intercultural networking skills.

  3. In a peaceful and beautiful tropical setting.

  4. In the Land of Smiles...surrounded by the graceful hospitality for which Thailand is known. Great tourist spots are not far away (1-1.5 hours):
    • Bangkok
    • Khao Yai National Park, a lush rainforest with picturesque waterfalls
    • Lopburi's famous monkeys
    • Siam's ancient capital, Ayutthaya
    • Bang Sai Arts & Crafts Project

  5. Hop on a train, bus or plane and enjoy many other wonderful Thai destinations.

  6. In an environment that promotes healthful living (drug-free, vegetarian Thai cuisine, exercise, etc.) and positive values.

  7. Accommodation is available in modern on-campus dormitories.