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President & Administration

Message from the President

Welcome to Asia-Pacific International University where the opportunities to study new concepts and explore interesting ideas are abundant. Our university provides a stimulating and inspirational learning environment that nurtures talents and abilities and seeks to expand studentís interests. We take pride in challenging young scholars to excel academically, to think critically, and to live their lives in an ethical manner.

Asia-Pacific International University provides an education where students are supported by their teachers in discovering knowledge and understanding self more completely through the learning process. The teaching faculty, staff and administration are dedicated to supporting intellectual development, spiritual growth, social connections and physical well-being. The campus culture is founded on international understandings, a strong values orientation, and an abiding faith in God all with the intention of helping students to find purpose and meaning in life with the intent of helping them take their place in the world. Opportunities to enhance leadership skills are readily available which help prepare for future career paths along with activities to help develop a passion to serve oneís fellow man.

At Asia-Pacific International University we deliver higher education that excels in quality. Each faculty member ensures that students experience the breadth and depth of the human intellectual experience and students are invited to participate fully in the vibrant campus community that defines life at Asia- Pacific. Our dynamic campus offers a supportive setting which expands horizons, enhances talents and explores oneís life mission in todayís ever-changing world. We offer a quality faith-based university education inspired by an Adventist Christian worldview with an emphasis on compassion for our neighbours in both the local and global setting.

While Asia-Pacific International Universityís main campus is in a rural setting at Muak Lek, Thailand our degrees are fully accredited and allow students to go on to graduate school, professional programs, or many different occupations. We also have a second campus in Bangkok providing educational opportunities for our third- and fourth-year nursing students.

There are many choices for a quality higher education but we believe that Asia-Pacific creates a dynamic environment that engages students in the process of learning and helps each reach oneís highest potential intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. Our commitment to each student provides an environment that is both academically challenging and personally supportive. Our graduates and current students confirm our belief that Asia-Pacific International University is a great place to be.


Dr. Loren Agrey
University President