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Mission Statement

To provide a holistic education emphasizing religious values, academic excellence, and an informed appreciation of culture, art, and the natural world

To produce graduates with virtuous characters and high moral standards, along with sound wisdom and practical skills

To serve as a training ground that produces leaders for communities and churches throughout the region and around the world

To employ an administrative system that meets international quality standards and is noted for its effectiveness and efficiency

To be active in research in each academic faculty with findings published in national and international media

To be engaged in academic service and other humanitarian programs designed to serve local, regional, and international needs.

Vision Statement

Asia-Pacific International University intends to be a leading, international academic community dedicated to learning, teaching, and research that affirms human potential,cultivates moral sensitivity, and nurtures character development. Students are prepared for lives of joyful and selfless service to others and equipped with essential knowledge, skills, and an attitude of hopeful optimism.